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Indian River Oyster Company is Family Owned & Operated, we share the passion of seaside living with a craft of Farming Oysters. Tide to Table ! 

Exclusively grown in New Smyrna Beach in our Indian River Lagoon, we strive to bring the highest quality oyster with keeping our love for the conservatation of the lagoon. #IROCoysters

Now we get to Share the Passion with YOU! 


Interested in tasting our craft at your restaurant ? Adding oysters to your next catering event ? or having us Shuck your event Contact us by Phone or Email.

 Those of you looking for a restaurant or event shucking nearby see our list  

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IROC oysters are luscious delightful taste of the ocean.  A smooth briny start with a sweet clean finish. We attribute the pure salt water flowing directly from the Atlantic into the Indian River Lagoon is the key for the outstanding flavor of our oysters.

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Looking for taste testers and future clients. In a few short months to come we will have our first harvest, needing YOU to join the journey


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Coming soon March 2018!


Each 3 to 4 inch oyster can filter up to 50 gallons of water a day, so oysters are a key to maintaining a healthy coastal ecosystem, What about a healthy YOU, oysters deliver 16 grams of protein per 6 ounce serving, they're rich in vitamins C and B-12, loaded with zinc, selenium, and iron. Besides they only hold 10 calories per oyster, you will burn more calories shucking them then you will by consuming them.

So why the Shuck not ! 

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